End of Life Care: What To Discuss With Family Posted By : Ben Anton

Discussing Concrete contractors pittsburgh the end of life and how we would like to be cared for is a difficult topic for most families. However, more and more doctors are urging patients to have these honest conversations to help all involved be at peace when things become difficult. This article outlines the important topics families should discuss with their ailing loved ones when making end-of life plans.

The Problem with the Rebound Posted By : Kelly Church

This article contains advice about getting into a rebound relationship immediately after the breakup of another broken relationship. It discusses reasons why a person should not jump right back into the dating scene before they are completely healed emotionally.

What exactly is the root source of sorrow/strife? Posted By : Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

The fundamental cause of all material sorrows of the world put together is none other than spiritual ignorance (Avidya). Just as lack of light results in darkness tinder for affairs and vice versa, in the same way lack of divine wisdom leads to spiritual ignorance and vice versa. Divine wisdom helps us attain eternal bliss, peace etc and spiritual ignorance results in pain, sorrow etc.